Monday, June 28, 2010

Product Review - BENGAY Pain Relief & Massage

I have always like using BENGAY patches more so that the creams. I also have used Icy Hot Patches and when they came out with a roll on tube much like the BioFreeze roll on I had purchased from my chiropractor I bought that and liked it for my neck area where it is hard to wear a patch at night much less during the day.

I had gotten an $8 coupon from BENGAY as I had called to complain about their hot patches that did not stick to my lower back for diddly squat. Actually they did not stick pretty much anywhere I put them. When I saw the advertisement for the new BENGAY Pain Relief & Massage with "massaging nubs and vanishing scent" I was gung ho to try it.

Well, I much prefer the Icy Hot roll on as in my opinion the nubs really do not do much. Of course, you have to remember I lie on softballs and granite rocks so it would take one hell of a massaging nub to make a dent in my pain level, but besides that they advertise it as having a no mess applicator which I did not find to be true at all. Not that you can't direct the applicator much better than you can the cream by itself, it just that it is not as great a breakthrough in pain relief creams or gels as they make it out to be. By giving them your name, state, age range and email you can get a $3 Bricks coupon for the purchase of a 3 oz tube. Try it and let me know what you think.

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