Tuesday, June 15, 2010

About Me

It is very difficult to know exactly where to start in relating my experiences with fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome. I "officially" was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after a August 9, 2005 rear end car accident. The funny thing was during the lawsuit that ensued and the HUGE amount of paperwork and my entire history that was amassed -- everything from an injury when I was a few months old to you name it, it was there --- I realized that a pattern had developed for fibro long before I officially had the label. I have always had aches and pains and previous to this accident I was able to handle them without medical intervention -- unfortunately some of those years include self-medicating with a bottle of Jack Daniels! I would go to a chiropractor when I had insurance but I was not on any sort of prescription medications until 2005.

Since then I have had the run around and tried upteen different medications as well as treatments. I have found that chiropractic works best for me right now as when I am in pain I need intense pressure to counter balance the painful areas. I also lay on a granite rock on the pressure points that hurt the most -- usually my upper, mid and lower back. I also take three different narcotics right now and will have some horror stories about them in later posts.

Bill and I had always dreamed of going on the road in the future when things were financially better but the Great Recession practically left us no choice in the matter. There was , and still is, no work in Northern Wisconsin. When he lost his job after 25 years, we were able to keep things together by doing more merchandising and mystery shopping which had been my line of work for about 8 years as it was flexible enough to let me start later in the day if I had had a bad night or skip work altogether if I felt bad enough. Unfortunately due to our location up north we had to drive long distances to get to larger cities such as Wausau, Green Bay and Appleton. It was also very difficult at times to work and live together 24/7. When I saw the posting for openings at Amazon.com in Coffeyville Kansas I decided to apply for both of us and take the plunge now instead of later.

Almost one year later we are doing much better financially than we would have done by staying in Northern Wisconsin. Bill's job at the moment is allowing us to catch up and we can hopefully be debt free except for the RV and house payment by next summer. It has not been easy but it has been a good choice.

This blog will attempt to cover issues that I run into with my health problems while on the road. Hopefully I can give those of you who read some alternative ideas and I can also learn from you if you read something that you have the answer to!

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