Friday, August 20, 2010

Medical Personnel/Locations Friendly to RVers

I am starting this post which will be added to each and every time I find a caregiver who is friendly to the RV lifestyle or fibro/pain sufferers. I am going to start listing them by state and see how that works and adjust if needed.



Chiropractic Arts Center - visited numerous times in November/December 2009

  • Dr. Clarke Bumgarner
  • 620-251-2970
  • 509 Maple Street Coffeyville KS 67337
  • No x rays or prior office notes needed, $20 per visit by cash or check.
  • I visited this location every other week for the two months we were in Coffeyville. It was a very busy, almost assembly line type office but they were always able to get me in when needed and on short notice. Dr. Bumgarner did only activator adjustments but they did use an electric massager before which helped.


Topeka Therapeutic Massage - visited once in August 2010

  •  Nancy Weigand
  • 785-213-7361
  • 1170 SW Mission Ave Topeka KS 66604 - lower level of Studio 1 Salon
  • After calling quite a few chiropractors in the Topeka area and getting prices in the $100 and up range, I decided to try some massage again as Nancy charges $35 for 30 minutes, $60 an hour, $75 for 75 minutes and $90 for 90 minutes. At the office she only accepts cash and checks but she accepts credit card payments through PayPal ahead of time.
  • Nancy is really easy to talk to and does a great massage if you are looking for a light, relaxing type massage which unfortunately does not work for me. I need a deeper, harder, more like Rolfing type massage to have it work for me.



Healthwise Chiropractic Clinic - visited twice in June/July 2010

  • Dr. John Kleptach
  • 330-494-7158

  • 1170 S Main Street North Canton OH 44720

  • No x rays or prior office notes needed, $30 per visit by cash or credit card

  • I finally broke down and decided to find a chiropractor as my hips and lower back were indescribably painful. I lucked out this time on the first call and reached the receptionist,Barb, who is very cheerful and great to talk to! They were actually able to get me in for an appointment within 20 minutes. Dr. John used warm heat and electric muscle stimulation before treatment. He does both manual and activator adjustments.



First Choice Chiropractic - North Office

  • 5510 Wallwood Road Knoxville TN 37912
  • 865-686-4994
  • No x rays or prior office notes needed, $30 per visit by cash check or credit
  • I did not have a chance to visit this location as I was "ok" while we were in Knoxville but I am listing them as they were reasonably priced and willing to work with the lack of x rays.
Provo Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy - visited once in September 2010

  • Dr. Marc Bowers
  • 777 N 500 West Suite 205 Provo UT 84601
  • 801-377-0898
  • No x rays or prior office notes needed. $45 per visit by cash, check or credit.
  • I actually was able to try a new (to me) chiropractic method with Dr. Bowers called flexion/distraction. I can't believe that in 25 years of prior chiropractic I had never run into this method. It is where your ankles are strapped on a special table and and the chirpractor sort of "stretches" everything to, in a nutshell, make more room between the vertebrae. For a better definition see here - The doctor also manually adjusted many areas of my back and neck but did them opposite of what I am used to. For example, he adjusted my back while I was lying on it.

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